The Drysuit People
since 1983

Maintenance and Repair


Many OS SYSTEMS Dealers and other Repair Centers are capable of doing repairs on our Drysuits and Travel Waders. You should make sure they are using OS SYSTEMS repair parts consistent with OS procedures.

The CARE, MAINTENANCE, and REPAIR of OS SYSTEMS Drysuits and Travel Waders are detailed in each of the (3) Drysuit Manuals on this website. If you prefer to do your own repairs, please first review and understand these sections in these manuals. Repair Parts are available from your Dealer or directly from OS SYSTEMS.

DO NOT apply any adhesive that is not supplied by OS Systems, including AquaSeal, to any part of your drysuit; OS Systems cannot work on any section of your drysuit where some “alien” adhesive has been applied.

If you prefer to send your OS SYSTEMS Drysuit or Travel Wader to OS for repair, please download the Repair Checklist available below and follow those instructions.

Download Repair Return Checklist Here:
The Price Lists for Repair Services, Seals, and Parts are available Here.
The Price list for LongLife Latex Seals, Neoprene Seals, and POLAR BOOTS is available Here:
The Price List for Repair Services is available Here:
The Price List for Parts is available Here:


All Diving drysuits are made using LongLife Latex Seals. Neoprene Neck and Wrist seals are available for installation in all surface water drysuits. POLAR BOOTS are available for installation on most drysuits.

LongLife Latex Seals have a stronger memory and strength of return. They fit tighter and are more effective at keeping water out and air in. They are also more sensitive to rips, tears, chemicals, sunlight, heat, etc.

Neoprene seals have less strength of memory. They do not seal as well. They are more comfortable, warmer, and resist rips, tears, chemicals, sunlight, heat, etc.

Download LongLife Latex™ Seals Details Here:
Download Neoprene Seals Details Here:
Download Polar Boots Details Here:

Download Parts Details Here:

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