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OS SYSTEMS’ Frequently Asked Questions

Silicone is an excellent preservative of rubber products, including latex! Proper application of silicone will keep your latex soft, supple, and free from deterioration indefinitely. Silicone is strongly advised in use on all OS SYSTEMS seals. However, if you are using another brand of suit, silicone can soften some glues, and the result can be a seal that pops off!

Zipper Ease is a softened zipper lubricant that will stick to the zipper even when exposed to extreme cold. This provides consistent lubrication each time you operate the zipper. Paraffin, on the other hand, is hard and will flake off each time the zipper is operated, requiring lubrication every time the zipper is moved.

Repairs are quite easy! We have full instructions on the repair page. You can affect a temporary repair by applying a single smooth layer of duct tape to the inside of the suit over the cut. The only repairs that cannot be done by you or your dealer are suit alterations or zipper replacement.

The zipper should remain open any time the suit is not on your body. When open, it is very flexible and can be rolled easily for storage. However, when closed, it loses its flexibility and can be bent or broken just by folding.

Cleaning is pretty simple. Any liquid soap that you can use on your dishes should be pretty safe. You don’t want to use any harsh chemicals like dishwashing soaps or laundry additives. For stubborn stains, try rubbing the stain with a small amount of liquid fabric softener and then wash it off with soap and water. For really stubborn oil-based stains, you can use an orange cleaner and water or even hit it with hair spray and wipe off immediately. Yeah, I said hairspray! It is a very fine lacquer, and the thinner in it should dissolve the oil layer nicely.

We’re just starting … There’s more to come!

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