Selecting the correct drysuit is the first step toward staying dry and comfortable during water immersion activities. Selecting the proper undergarment(s) is equally important.

Select your undergarments to meet the thermal protection you will need, considering the cold and water exposure conditions, your metabolic output, how long you will be exposed, the amount of exertion you will do, and any other relevant factors. Your undergarments should conform as closely as practical to your body, to reduce any unwanted buoyancy and bulk.

Choose and layer your undergarments and accessories to create your own thermal protection systems, and you will stay warm and dry in all water immersion activities, from surface water use, to warm water diving, to ice diving!

MTS (Moisture Transport System) undergarments transport sweat away from your body and keep you warm and dry. Polartec® PowerStretch® Fleece (4-way stretch) undergarments minimize unwanted bulk while providing the layered warmth to match your needs. For more infromation on MTS and PowerStretch undergarments from OS Systems, CLICK HERE.


  FLEECE (2 way stretch)