Stream Count Drysuit

Designed for use by aquatic management professionals, this is a full body drysuit for those that must wade, snorkel or occasionally dive in frigid waters. The Stream Count Drysuit is truly “Gravel Tough and Travel Ready.” They are flexible yet tough and are light enough to be backpacked into the wilderness. The color is Mud Brown for obvious fish awareness reasons to help increase the accuracy in counts. 

Material – Tough and supple 430 denier nylon for abrasion resistance with a triple coated polyurethane backing for guaranteed watertight integrity.

Seals – Longlife Latex rubber neck, wrist and sock seals.  Thicker and more durable with sizing/sealing rings.  Made in the USA exclusively for OS Systems. Thickness specs: .030+” (neck/wrists), .038+” (socks). User replaceable (see instructions here)

Seams – All seams are quadruple stitched for exceptional strength and are fusion sealed on the inside for guaranteed watertight integrity.

Zipper – #8 airtight and watertight diving grade brass tooth zipper.

Entry – (SCD) Quick and easy across the shoulder, back entry is standard.

Front Entry – (SCD(FE)) A horizontal front entry is available at an additional charge. All Horizontal Front Entry SCD(FE) have neoprene padded zipper covers and internal, installed suspenders. 

Wraparound Knee Pads – Double layer knee pads protect the entire lower leg. Cordura pads are available at an additional charge.

Gravel Guards – Factory attached Gravel Guards to help keep gravel from between shoes and latex socks.

Testing – Each drysuit is individually tested under pressure and under water.

Color – Mud Brown

Warranty: Two year limited warranty. See Warranty Page.

Sizing Chart: See USA Size Chart page. All Custom Sizing Options available.

For additional information or to order a customized Stream Count suit, email: