Dry Glove Installation Part 27











Insert a thin object (without a sharp point) under your wrist seal on the backside of your hand, a coffee stir stick cut in half works nicely. This will allow air to travel from your suit to your gloves and back again.


NOTE: You must have a way of equalizing the pressure between your Dry Gloves and your suit! When ascending, the air will expand in a raised glove hand and could contribute to possible glove detachment. Dive with the least amount of air in your drysuit to keep warm and comfortable. Periodically lower your gloved hands to allow some air pressure to flow out of the gloves.

NOTE: You can use the thermal liners instead of the coffee stick to allow air movement between your drysuit and your Dry Gloves. Simply don the liner before you slip your hands through the wrist seal, leaving the liner positioned between the wrist seal and your wrist. This will allow more air movement, but, if your Dry Glove does become torn or detached, this will also allow more water to enter into your drysuit. Be prepared to pull the liners out from under the wrist seals in that event.