Dry Glove Installation Part 1











The OS Systems Commercial Dry Glove System (DGC-SYS) consists of:
1. DGC – Pair of Commercial Dry Gloves w/attached latex Glove Extenders
2. "-L" – Pair of thermal glove liners
3. ISR – Set of (4) Delrin rings (Del-rings)
4. BOR – Set of (8) "O rings", (4) thin and (4) thick
5. NOC – Pair of neoprene Overcuffs and
6. Instructions.


NOTE: You will need to have ALL of the listed parts BEFORE you start assembly.

NOTE: OS SYSTEMS also makes and sells a Standard Dry Glove System (DG-SYS). The Standard Dry Gloves are made from 100% dipped LongLife Latex® natural gum rubber, are lighter weight, have textured palms and fingers, and have more tactile control. The balance of the Dry Glove System remains the same.