Dry Glove System

OS SYSTEMS designs and manufactures Dry Gloves that keep your hands warm and dry  while you are participating in any water sport or work activity.  Both of our two styles of Dry Gloves, POLAR PAWS and COMMERCIAL, can be used independently with your drysuit or drytop wrist seals, or can be attached using the DelRings and the other components of our Dry Glove Systems.

A) POLAR PAWS (Standard Dry Gloves) –

POLAR PAWS are dipped by OS SYSTEMS from our LongLife Latex natural gum rubber, with a minimum thickness specification of .030".  They are very flexible, with textured fingers and palms.  The fingers are made to enhance dexterity while wearing thermal liners.  The design of the Polar Paws tapers in to grip the wrists just below the heel of the hand.  The Polar Paws then expand to a bellows chamber that is 11" in circumference.  Finally, the design tapers back in to form a wrist seal integrated into the very end of the Polar Paws.

Product Number: DG; Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Add Thermal Liners:  Product Number: "-L"

1. Use Independently – Turn the integrated wrist seal portion of your Polar Paws in and align it inside the wrist gripping area.  Slide your hand, with your thermal liner on, through the wrist seal of your drysuit or drytop, leaving the thermal liner under your wrist seal.  Now slide your hand (with your drysuit wrist seal and your thermal liner in place) into the Polar Paw.  Align your wrist, the thermal liner, the drysuit wrist seal, the Polar Paw seal, and the Polar Paw wrist grip area all together.  This will provide an effectively dry seal for most water sports activities.

NOTE:  If your Polar Paws do come off during use, water can enter your drysuit through the thermal liners that are being worn under your drysuit wrist seal. Quickly pull the thermal liner out from under your wrist seal, allowing the wrist seal to seal against your skin.

2. Glue to drysuit – OS SYSTEMS can glue your Polar Paws directly to your drysuit sleeve, with the integrated seal turned in and becoming a back up wrist seal for your drysuit or drytop.

3. Use with DRY GLOVE SYSTEM – Polar Paws can be effectively used as the glove component of the DRY GLOVE SYSTEM.  See below.


COMMERCIAL DRY GLOVES are heavy duty PVC gloves with an inner reinforcing fabric molded in.  The exterior of the Dry Gloves is lightly textured for enhanced gripping.  The fingers are designed to be wider to allow the user to wear extra thermal insulation.  OS SYSTEMS trims these gloves above the wrists and installs Longlife Latex Glove Extenders.  These Extenders are designed to easily attach to  your drysuit using the DelRings and other components in the DRY GLOVE SYSTEM.  See below.

Product Number: DGC; Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Add Thermal Liners:  Product Number: "-L"

The Extenders will provide some degree of water tightness if the COMMERCIAL Dry Gloves are worn independently over your surface water drysuit or drytop wrist seals.


The OS DRY GLOVE SYSTEMS were initially designed for, and are still primarily used for, diving applications.  However, some people do wear them in other water sports or work activities. The OS DRY GLOVE SYSTEMS are very easy to use.  The two Dry Gloves are attached to the two male DelRings.  The two female DelRings are attached to the wrist seals on the drysuit.  O-rings keep the Dry Gloves and wrist seals in place.  Squeeze the male and female Delrings together.  O-rings provide the friction to keep the male and female DelRings together.  The neoprene Overcuffs are pulled over the combination to protect and help hold in place.  To detach the Dry Gloves from the drysuit, simply reverse this process.

The DRY GLOVE SYSTEMS include your choice of Dry Gloves (Polar Paws or Commercial), one pair of thermal liners, two pairs of DelRings, eight O-rings (4 thick and 4 thin), two neoprene overcuffs, and installation  instructions.

The thumbnail photo above shows the Commercial Dry Glove System.  Both of these Dry Glove Systems are easily assembled and installed on any drysuit with latex wrist seals. Click HERE for installation instructions with photo illustrations.   Click HERE for installation instructions without photos.

Commercial Dry Glove System –
Product Number: DGC-SYS; Sizes S, M, L, XL
Polar Paws Dry Glove System –
Product Number: DG-SYS; Sizes S, M, L, XL

To purchase Dry Gloves or Dry Glove Systems, please visit your local professional dive, paddle or watersports store. If they don't carry them, you can order HERE.