The available Drysuit Use & Care Manuals are listed below.  Each Manual is applicable to many different styles of drysuits.  The different styles of drysuits and products for which each Drysuit Use & Care Manual is applicable are listed following that Manual.  At this time, all manuals are in PDF format.


HDPro – Diving – HDPro, ULPro, SARR Dive, Nautilus, Dolphin, Manta, Stream Count Drysuit (SCD), Travel Waders,

Stealth – Surface Water – Waterproof/Breathable – Maritime Assault Suit (MAS), Stealth Waders, Stealth Stream Count Drysuit (SCD-STL)

Spirit – Surface Water – Waterproof/Breathable – Spirit, Spirit-EC, Spirit-KS, K2-EC, SPLB-SROB, SPLB-SRBEC, Bibbs, Amargosa Drytop, Sonora Drytop, Pecos Semi-drytop

Splash-B – Surface Water – Non-Breathable – Splash-B, Splash-EC, K2-EC, SPLB-SRO, SPL-SREC, Breeze, Breeze-2, Breeze-Bare


If you do not have a PDF reader, download one for free here.